Technology Fee Sample Proposals

Proposals do not need to be lengthy to be effective. If you are requesting less than $5,000 then your proposal should generally not exceed one to two pages. The following proposals are provided as samples of different types of proposals from different departments and organizations. All of the listed proposals received full or partial funding.

Please note that these proposals use old worksheets for the cover page and the older format where the Executive Summary was the first section of the proposal body. Please be sure to use current worksheets (aka cover sheets) and comply with format and content requirement of the current RFP.

Request Dept/Purpose Comments
$129,919.63 Marquez 026 Teaching Computer Lab ReplacementPDF versionText only version This is an example of a replacement computer lab proposal using the Approved Computer Lab Proposal Form.  Fully funded.
$68,032.00 Outdoor Field LaboratoryPDF versionText only version This is an example from Geophysics using the Full Proposal Form. Fully funded.
$20,018.90 OrePrint ExpansionPDF versionText only version

This proposal was written by the freshman class requesting additional printing capabilities in the dorms.  They worked with Student Life to also fund a print release station in the Student Center.  CCIT was involved for in kind donations for networking and power (due to Tech Fee restrictions on providing funding for building infrastructure).  This proposal was fully funded.

$29,350 Computational chemistry and visualization softwarePDF versionText only version This proposal was submitted for a three year software license.  The proposal has a funding match from the department of  Chemistry and Geochemistry of $4,350.  Mark is working closely with CCIT to make sure the software integrates well with the current environment.  The committee looked favorably at the matching funds for this proposal along with the impact on 7 different courses and 600 students.  The proposal outlines nicely the student impact along and included the required quote. Fully funded.
$3,785 Replacement of Lab Function GeneratorsPDF versionText only version Strong academic proposal requesting requesting replacement function generators for MEL 1 labs.  Quotes attached.  Fully funded.
$85,075 Bench Top Electron Microscopy for Nanoscience and NanotechnologyPDF versionText only version This proposal was debated in the commitee meeting.  It was determined that this particular electron microscope was indeed a student version of the microscope allowing exposure of experimentation techniques and less functionality for research purposes.  The proposal was fully funded.
$182,195 Microsoft EES LicensePDF versionText only version This propoasl was submitted by CCIT to buy Office licenses for campus allowing both students and faculty to have current licenses.  This proposal asked for 3 years funding and was given 2 years.

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