Technology Fee Announcements

Note that:

  • Proposals requesting less than $5,000 are to be submitted on the Abbreviated Proposal Form. A full proposal format is no longer required. Simply fill out all sections of the Abbreviated Proposal Form, attach appropriate quotations, and submit the completed form to
  • Proposals seeking to upgrade or replace a computer lab that appears on the TFC Approved Computer Lab list (generally defined as having been previously funded by a technology fee award) should be submitted on an Approved Computer Lab Proposal Form. A full proposal body is not required. If you are seeking to establish a brand new computer lab or seek funding through the tech fee process for a lab for the first time, then a full proposal must be submitted.
  • All other requests should follow the full proposal format and must include the specified Full Proposal Form as the cover sheet, have a full proposal body containing all required sections, and quotations and supplementary materials attached.

The Advice and FAQ section of the website contains summary advice and a question/answer section that you should review prior to writing your proposal. Eligible members of the campus community are encouraged to write and submit proposals. Student groups should work with department heads and faculty when requesting resources that will be placed within an academic department.

Please note that all items requested in a proposal must be related to each other and identifiable through a common project, lab, class, etc.. Completely unrelated items must be requested in separate proposals. Please see the RFP for detailed information.

Please also note:

Your proposal can be rejected without evaluation if you do not fully comply with the requirements outlined in the RFP applicable to the semester in which you submit your proposal.

If you have questions about writing a technology fee proposal or about the process, please send an e-mail to or contact any committee member.

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