Technology Fee Proposal Writers

Proposals requesting less than $5,000 are to be submitted on the Abbreviated Proposal Form. Fill out all sections of the Abbreviated Proposal Form, attach appropriate quotations.

Proposals requesting more than $5,000 must follow the Full Proposal Form, and must include the required cover sheet, have a full proposal body containing all required sections, and quotations and supplementary materials attached.

Proposals seeking to upgrade or replace a computer lab that appears on the TFC Approved Computer Lab list (generally defined as having been previously funded by a Technology Fee award) should be submitted on an Approved Computer Lab Proposal Form. A full proposal body is not required. If you are seeking to establish a brand new computer lab or seek funding through the Technology Fee process for a lab for the first time, then a full proposal must be submitted.

Submit the completed form to

Note: Technology fee labels must be displayed on all equipment purchased with Technology Fee awards. Look for them in labs and on equipment used by students all over campus. If you have not received your labels, or they have been lost or removed from equipment, please request new ones from the Technology Fee Chair. Please indicate the semester and year of the award, and how many labels you need.


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