Mines Technology Fee

The Mines Technology Fee
A fee is added to student tuition and matched by the Mines administration to improve campus computing and technology.  A Technology Fee Committee, comprised of students and faculty, meets twice a year to review proposals and award funds.

Purpose of the Technology Fee
The purpose of the Technology Fee is to provide state-of-the-art technology and technological enhancements, to provide equitable access to that technology, to adequately develop and maintain the infrastructure required to support that technology, and maximize the impact of student- and institution-owned technology.

The Proposal Process
Proposals are collected twice a year, typically in April (for fall funding) and October (for spring funding). Proposals are made using online templates. The Request for ProposalsPDF versionText only version is posted well prior to the deadline.  Proposals are reviewed by the committee and proposal authors are notified by the end of the semester.

Tech Fee FAQ's/Insight
New PowerPoint presentation for proposal authorsPDF versionText only version

Your Technology Fee at Work! (Fall 2017 Tech Fee Proposal)
Colorado School of Mines Tiny House as reported in the Denver Post







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